Efficiency & sensitivity determination WSSV by SHRIMPLE

White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is a prevalent and virulent pathogen affecting both wild and cultured penaeid shrimp

worldwide. Molecular diagnostic tools have made detection of the virus increasingly accurate. However, these techniques are often

not readily available for rapid diagnosis in the field or in shrimp production facilities. Shrimple®, an immunochromatographic

detection assay for WSSV, was designed specifically for use by shrimp producers. In this study, WSSV-infected shrimp were tested

with both real-time PCR and Shrimple®, in order to determine the range of sensitivity in which the diagnostic test kit is capable of

detecting viral infection and the efficiency of the test kit when compared to the real-time PCR. Litopenaeus vannamei were injected

with a WSSV inoculum and sampled from 1 to 32 h post injection (p.i.), prior to developing gross anatomical signs of disease. By

analyzing the corresponding samples from each specimen, the Shrimple® test results were correlated with estimated viral copy

numbers from quantitative PCR. Real-time PCR detected infections in 100% of the inoculated shrimp, while the Shrimple® test kits

detected infection in only 34.7% of the specimens. The findings of this study indicate that the Shrimple® test kits fail to detect

WSSV infection prior to 12 h post infection and demonstrate a significant reduction in detection efficiency during early onset of

infectionfailing to detect any viral infection from 1 to 8 h p.i. compared to 100% with real-time PCR. False negative results were

observed for specimens containing 4-1061 viral copies/ng genomic DNA. Faint positives were observed for specimens containing

36-1784 viral copies/ng genomic DNA. Although considerably less sensitive than real-time PCR, the Shrimple® test kits provide a

useful tool for the detection of WSSV infections prior to development of gross signs of acute disease.

© 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Keywords: White spot syndrome virus; WSSV; Penaeid shrimp; Real-time PCR; Shrimple


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